Where are you from / based?
Born in Brussels to Portuguese parents, based at Lycantrop HQ - currently, Overijse, Belgium.
How would you describe your style of trance (producer or DJ)?
PRODUCER: Night psychedelic trance producer and DJ...I experiment with every aspect of songbuilding, from effects to BPM. Even with big variations in sounds from year to year (I like to think I'm evolving!) and track to track (I just finished Nephylium, which starts at 1è0 and finishes at 180, while most tracks range between 148 and 156)), people always say that there IS a recognizable "MDS" sound. I hope it is true!

DJ: I usually DJ my music along with other stuff that fits well....

How long have you been producing / DJing?
DJing since 1998 and started producing in 2001.
Your musical background and influences?
Background: basic music courses at school.
Influences: reggae, rock, world music and, in trance, artists like Bonky (RIP), Kindzadza and more recently Kashyyyk. Darkshire has given me a new appreciation for atmosphere and synths.
Favorite party/festival attended:
I was living in Portugal when the first Boom festival happened, so I have been lucky to enjoy them all, and still think they have a very special energy, because it is a real global meeting point for our community. It has been sad to see profiteering corrupt the original concept (Mini-bottles of 5-color "private label" branded Boom water, anyone?), but inspiring to see the way the true trance spirit still flourishes, regardless.
Favorite party/festival played:
Psycrowdelica 07 or Shanti Jatra 08.
Other labels:

LYCANTROP Records / Trishula Records
Aliens. What do you think?:
Well, my debut album is titled "He Claims to be Not Human"...

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