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Elie Yarkoni aka BATTLEFIELD ,was born in Israel in 1984. He start listen trance music by the age of 12 artist such as MFG,MWNN,Indoor,Pigs in space(Ofotia),Astral Projection,Space Tribe and many many more old scool stuff. A few years later he found an old music creation software called Impulse Traker and do his own music for fun, Elie liesten olso to other kind of music, Metal band such as Pantera,Megadeath,Deicide,Salem and dark trance like Xenomorph,Psykovsky,CPC,KDD and more.

Elie is olso Electornic's Pratical Engineer and Computer Technician.

This days BATTLEFIELD is Elie´s one man project.The music is inspired by a lot music styles form Metal to Goa trance. The mainly concept of this project is turn the dance floor to war zone and give people to fight through music and release all inner aggression, with evil atmosphere and hi speed from 145-175 Bpm

powerful bassline, weird noises sound effects that trun your mind and body to a machine gun shooting evrywhere

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